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From San Francisco to Chicago, we have experience in building, consulting and maintaining Your Ideas.

Established 2015

About CyberHacks

Cyberhacks is a software development team focused on creating useful and innovative tools that simplify processes and increase productivity. We offer end-to-end solutions - from concept and strategy, product design, enterprise system modernization, and managed services keeping user experience and data intelligence as a priority.

Our team is comprised of experienced developers and strategists that thrive on challenges and making work more efficient for the end user. Our team uses deep insight into data and systems to provide powerful results to clients.

With each project, we bring a combination of experience, creativity, and proven science to modernize and enhance new or existing infrastructures. Our mission is to make your job easier through tools and services by utilizing the most cutting edge technology and providing an understanding of your complex systems.

The CyberHacks Team

Matt Miller

Matt is a senior level software engineer in the heart of Silcon Valley and has a background working with marketing firms and social networks.

Tyler Jefford

Tyler is a senior software engineer and digital consultant in Chicago. His focus is on enterprise level code, digital strategy, and data intelligence.

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